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Security Fence Installation.

When you need to restrict access to your property, we can provide you with a custom security fence and gate to meet your project’s specifications. Fencescape Company offers high-security commercial fence solutions.

Our high-security fencing and gates are paired with the top security systems. Fencescape Company’s skill and experience in the high security market allows us to offer professional and efficient installations with a wide range of options.

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Perimeter Fence Installation.

Perimeter Fencing provides a solution that defines property boundaries and accents your commercial property’s curb appeal. This fencing application is offered in a variety of materials such as chain link, metal, wood, and vinyl. Your commercial fence can encompass your entire property, geographical features, or amenities.

Several factors will help to determine the best perimeter fence system for your property. Some of these factors require compliance with local building code, type of soil or surface for installation, and any added purposes for fence functionality. Our experienced fence craftsmen will provide you with the perfect commercial fence solution.

Amenity Fence Installation.

Most commercial properties have restricted areas or amenities that require a protective barrier. Some of these barriers are required by law or building codes. Amenity fencing allows you to surround pools, playgrounds, guest areas, fountains, ponds, parking areas, and other property features. This helps to define the barriers keeping guests safe and protecting amenities.

Our experienced fence craftsmen can build your amenity fence using your building specifications or help you determine the best amenity fence and gate solution for your property – giving you the protection level and design you need.

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Safety Railing Installation.

Safety railings play a vital role in diverse settings, from industrial environments where they prevent falls on elevated platforms and staircases, to commercial spaces where they ensure safety on balconies and terraces while enhancing aesthetics. In housing communities, they provide security around amenities like pools and playgrounds. 

Our experienced team tailors resilient railing installations to specific needs, creating a secure and inviting environment for everyone.

Temporary Fencing.

We offer many types of safety fencing including temporary and permanent. High-visibility safety fencing such as plastic or composite meshed fencing is typically required  in construction zones to protect people from entering hazardous areas.

Temporary, movable barricades provide safety fencing for crowd control at festivals, events, and parades. These safety barricades usually interlock and can also be secured with fasteners for added durability.

More permanent safety fencing and railings are generally required in commercial structures such as parking garages, hotels, shopping malls, casinos, schools, government buildings, and colleges.

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Commercial Access Control.

Commercial Access Control is a cornerstone of our fencing solutions, elevating security while seamlessly integrating with the aesthetic of diverse commercial properties. Our expertly designed access control systems ensure authorized entry to designated areas, combining functionality with visual appeal. 

From gated entrances to electronic keycard systems, we tailor solutions that not only safeguard the premises but also reflect the unique style of each establishment. With a commitment to both security and design, our access control offerings provide businesses with the confidence that their property is well-protected and visually cohesive.

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