Comprehensive Guide to Automatic Gates

In the world of property enhancement and security, the installation of automatic gates stands out as a pivotal step for homeowners and commercial businesses alike. Not only do they offer a heightened sense of security, but they also add a layer of convenience and aesthetic appeal to your premises. This ultimate guide aims to walk you through the critical steps and considerations for a successful automatic gate installation, ensuring that your property is both secure and stylish.

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Understanding Automatic Gates

Welcome to your Ultimate Guide on Implementing Automatic Gates! Boost the security of your real estate whilst simultaneously elevating its aesthetic and value with gate installations. Here at Fencescape Company, we specialize in setting up both residential and commercial gates, crafted from a wide range of superior materials, complemented with strong, hard-wearing hardware. 

Let our team of gate masters help you select the exceptional gate solution for your home or business. These splendidly designed gates and entrance systems are built with top-grade components and are geared to safeguard your property for countless years. We appreciate the value of secure access to your property or business premises, and as such, we take your privacy and security seriously.

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What Are Automatic Gates?

Automatic gates are entrance gates that open and close via an electric mechanism, much to the convenience of the user. They have become synonymous with modern security and prestige in residential and commercial settings.

Heighten your property’s safety and elevate its aesthetic appeal with our guide on installing automated gates. Here at Fencescape Company, we specialize in setting up automatic entrance systems for residences and commercial spaces alike. 

Our wide-ranging selection of premium materials and robust hardware assures the longevity and quality of our installations. Allow our experienced team to assist you in choosing the ideal automatic gate solution tailored for your home or business.

Types of Automatic Gates

Sliding Gates

Ideal for properties with limited space, sliding gates move horizontally parallel to the fence or wall.

Swing Gates

Swing gates, comprising single or double doors, swing inward or outward to open. At Fencescape Company, we specialize in installing top-notch automatic swing gates, whether it be single or double swing variants, ideal for enhancing your property’s security and aesthetic appeal. 

Plus, we provide gate opener installations on already present gates and even cater to gate repair needs. Dive into our comprehensive guide to understand better how we make installations of automatic gates a breeze.

Security Gates

Built with robust materials, these gates are designed to provide maximum security. Discover our inclusive guide on how to seamlessly set up automatic gates. 

Our gates, known for their durability and robust construction, serve as a reliable entry point in the world of commercial gate installations. Fencescape Company is a veteran in this field, renowned for delivering residential and commercial gate solutions punctually and within your budget. Our forte lies in our commitment to accuracy and being a reliable constant in this ever-changing world.

Components of Automatic Gates

  • Motors: The driving force that moves the gate.
  • Control Systems: Include remote controls, keypads, or smartphone apps for operation.
  • Safety Features: Sensors and mechanisms to prevent accidents during gate operation.

Planning for Installation

Choosing the Right Type of Gate

Selecting the right type of gate involves considering the space available, the level of security needed, and the design that complements your property’s architecture.

At Fencescape Company, we specialize in delivering top-notch automatic gate installations in Northeast Florida. Our gates, often paired with fences, not only secure your property but also ensure convenient passage for you and your loved ones. You have the freedom to select a gate that beautifully complements your fence or one that stands out with intricate detailing.

At Fencescape Company, we are masters in delivering superior automatic gate installations throughout Jacksonville, Florida. Typically paired with a fence, our automatic gates provide heightened security for your property, while ensuring you and your family can move in and out with ease. Choose a design that complements your existing fence or opt for something more distinguished.

Discover the convenience of automatic gates in our detailed guide. These gates are a preferred option when it comes to domestic installations, thanks to their automatic hinges. These hinges use an in-built spring within the joint, allowing your gate to shut on its own. Pairing your gate with this self-closing feature provides an excellent safety measure for your kids or pets by ensuring your gate is securely shut after each use.

In our extensive guide to setting up automatic gates, we’ll discuss the distinctions between two popular options: rolling and cantilever gates. Rolling gates operate using rubber or pneumatic wheels that traverse the terrain, whereas cantilever gates—featuring a counterbalance and a diagonal brace—are uniquely designed to avoid ground contact, thus eliminating gate sag. These gate styles are both ideally suited for constricted areas with high traffic, making them the go-to choices for commercial gate installation.

Dream of a special gate style that stands out from the rest? You’re in luck! Here at Fencescape Company, we provide expert customized gate construction services. Given the widespread usage of Pinterest and the inventive skills of our craftsmen, the possibilities for gate designs are practically limitless. Tell us your vision, and watch as we convert it into reality!

Determining Automation Requirements

The choice of motor and control system depends on the gate’s size, weight, and the frequency of use.

Thinking of a gate design that’s nothing short of extraordinary? Drop your worries! Here at Fencescape Company, we’re eager to bring your unique gate ideas to life with our remarkable custom gate-building expertise.

The current surge in Pinterest use and the abundance of creative artisans means that the possibilities for gate styles, crafted from a variety of materials, are virtually limitless. Any custom gate, however, needs an effective access control security system to ensure entry is granted only to those allowed. The most sought-after ways for accessibility control are keypads, telephone systems, and remote controls.

Our impeccable eye for detail has earned us a reputation for excellence when it comes to installing entry controls. We ensure the wiring is flawlessly done to guarantee the smooth functioning of your tailor-made gate. Do you have an exceptional gate design in your thoughts? Share it with us and let us bring your masterpiece to life!

Budgeting for Installation Costs

Budgeting encompasses costs for the gate, installation labor, electrical components, and any additional security features.

At both residential and business properties, gates perform diverse roles and require unique features. However, our team at Fencescape Company prides itself on devising inventive gate solutions and addressing crucial queries towards ensuring appropriate access control systems are put into place. 

Are you on the quest for a tailor-made residential or commercial gate? We at Fencescape Company not only provide the necessary equipment and fabrication but also handle the installation process to regulate access. Our expertly crafted custom gates allow you to bolster the security of your property without compromising its appeal. 

Beyond residential, we extend our services to commercial spheres as well. From corporate parks to health centers, distribution outlets, and industrial businesses, Fencescape Company is up to the task. Our proficient team is always on standby, ready to offer layout recommendations before installation and guidance on operating these systems after setup.

Post-Installation Considerations

Maintenance Requirements

  • Lubrication: Regularly applying lubricant to moving parts ensures smooth operation.
  • Regular Inspections: Scheduled checks can catch and rectify potential issues before they escalate.

Safety and Legal Compliance

Safety Standards for Automatic Gates

Adhering to national safety standards prevents accidents and ensures the well-being of users.

Ensuring Compliance with Local Regulations

Local building codes and regulations might dictate specific requirements for gate installation. It’s essential to be informed and compliant.

Educating Users on Safe Operation

All family members or employees should be briefed on safe gate operation to avoid misuse and accidents.


Automatic gate installation is a multifaceted process that, when executed correctly, offers endless benefits in terms of security, convenience, and property value. By understanding the types of gates available, planning thoroughly, and adhering to safety standards, you can ensure a successful installation. Remember, while DIY can be tempting, professional assistance can be invaluable, especially for complex setups. For further assistance, consulting with gate installation experts or resources can offer the support needed to enhance your property successfully.

We aim to not only enrich your understanding but also to ensure this comprehensive manual is easily accessible for those seeking guidance on installing automatic gates.