Chain Link Fence Installations

Galvanized, Vinyl-Coated, & Barbed Wire Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing.

Galvanized chain-link fence installation is an effective option that won’t break the bank. It costs less than wood or vinyl and generally requires little to no maintenance. It’s available in many heights, wire gauges, and mesh sizes to accommodate any application.

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Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Installation | Black Chain Link | Fencescape Company

Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fencing.

Vinyl-coated chain link fence has all the benefits of galvanized chain link with a longer lifetime and more colors to choose from. We offer vinyl-coated chain links in many heights, wire gauges, and mesh sizes to accommodate any application.

Slatted Chain Link Privacy Fencing.

Upgrade your chain link with slats to create more privacy, from semi-private to almost full privacy. Slat fences can be made with vinyl-coated wire and poles to increase the life of the fence. Available in many colors and also with a textured grain to look more like a traditional privacy fence.

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Barbed Wire Chain Link Fence Installation | Security Fence Installation | Commercial Fence Company | Fencescape Company

Barbed Wire Chain Link Security Fencing.

A barbed wire chain link fence combines the practicality of a chain link fence with the security-enhancing properties of barbed wire. The intertwining of sturdy metal links, strategically placed, creates a formidable barrier that serves as a deterrent and a physical obstacle, making it effective for areas requiring both visibility and protection.