Metal Fence Installation

Aluminum, Ornamental Iron, and Security Fencing

Aluminum Fence.

Fencing built with aluminum has long been a popular choice for its durability, high performance in almost any environment, and lifetime affordability. These sturdy fences will provide you with years of beauty, security, peace-of-mind, and can be combined with wood fencing for added curb appeal.

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Ornamental Metal Fence.

Ornamental fencing comes in a variety of metal types and finishes. Depending upon the finish of your fence, in general, metal fencing is low-maintenance, complements the architecture, and is more durable than wood and vinyl. You can even personalize your ornamental fences by adding custom rails, spears, rings, scrolls, or finials.

Security Fence.

When you need to restrict access to your property, we can provide you with a custom security fence to meet your project’s specifications. Fencescape Company’s skill and experience in the high-security market allow us to offer professional and efficient installations with a wide range of options. If you’re looking to secure a commercial property, we also offer a variety of professional commercial fence installations.

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